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We hope you found our insights and top tips on improving the profitability of your property. If you're not currently a Brand Vaughan landlord, we'd love to have a discussion about how we can help you achieve a higher rental value for your property/properties. 

We know that on average across all types of property, Brand Vaughan consistently achieves higher rents for our landlords than our competition and compared to private landlords. This is due to our expert and professional service, finding the right tenants for you, and the best marketing across Brighton & Hove. 

We're offering a unique insight into some of the real data from student rentals across the country but more pertinently in the area of your property. Showcasing how Brand Vaughan can get you the best rent in the market; why Brighton is one of the best places to invest in the UK; and what the opportunity for you as a landlord can be by improving your property, our data will help you make decisions to take your investment(s) to the next level. 

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